Look fabulous this summer with SpaClinique Fulham

With summer just around the corner, women and men all over the UK want to look their best!

The good news is that several advanced treatments are now available in London for a variety of beauty problems.

These new gold standard skincare methods use high-tech devices to improve your body and face and permanently remove unwanted hair, making you feel rejuvenated.

Learn about the new methods available at SpaClinique Fulham in West London:


This devices uses a machine that performs a triple body treatment using radiofrequency, laser and vacuum to reduce cellulite, get rid of localised fat and rejuvenate the body. It practically painless and without any surgery patients can improve their bodies in just a few sessions. There is no need to use a knife anymore to reduce those stubborn pockets of body fat.

T-Shape works on the tummy, tones flabby arms, shapes the bum and can make you look like a celebrity this summer.

HiFu Lab:

This ultrasound device performs a non surgical facelift in just one session. Worth a try! It is a great way of getting rid of those sagging cheeks and lift your eyebrows.

See here what one of our customers has written on her Twitter about it:

A big thank you to spa clinique 580 fulham for my T-shape and HIFU contouring treatments

Fast, comfortable and painless laser hair removal in London

This Lightsheer Desire Gold Standard laser is one of the fastest laser hair removal methods available in the world today. Results are clinically proven and it is almost painless. It reduces hair 75% faster than other cheaper diode laser methods so patients can have better results with less sessions. The perfect treatment to start now just before your next summer holidays!

It can be used for the arms, legs, buttocks, bikini zone – patients can choose between hollywood or Brazilian hair removal – underarms and face.

SpaClinique – your Fulham laser hair removal specialists.

So why not booking your free consultation at SpaClinique today to discuss your most pressing beauty problems?