Of course, we all know the feeling of having an unwanted hair on our skin and the worst part is the more you shave, the more you have to shave. Obviously, it’s just like shaving makes the hair grow faster, thicker than the previous form. Presence of hair in men in some areas like the face, chest, back, arms, legs, private part and so on can be a problem. There should be a permanent solution to this problem and the truth is there is!

Methods of permanent hair removal for men are becoming widely discussed because lots of guys want every fuzz or stubble from their body permanently removed. Having the fuzz and stubble permanently removed is no longer the women’s dream only but also for guys. Most guys want to have a clear and smooth stubble free bodies and this is the main reason why they turn to hair removal methods such as laser treatment, electrolysis and radio frequency treatments.

Permanent hair removal for men

Permanent hair removal for men

In fact with nowadays situation of the society, it is likely you see a much older man going for this treatment. Having this metro sexual look is good and most men both homosexual and heterosexual alike are enjoying their visit to the spa. Sometimes, the aim is to make a permanent change to their appearance like permanently removing their hair.

The truth is men also have body areas they wish to change just as women always do. It is an old fashioned belief that only women are interested in pampering themselves and creating a better version. Men too, are now visiting the spas for assistance. These facts are for the understanding of men who are considering getting their hair permanently removed.

Several discussions as well as controversy have occurred in relation to the topic of permanent hair removal. This article is aimed at providing you everything you need to know about permanent hair removal. What are the things you should expect from this article? They include:

• Overview of the types of hair removal methods
• Laser treatment as the best choice of hair removal

So, let’s get started.


The galvanic current is the main reason why electrolysis is well considered as a permanent hair removal method. Though electrolysis is now an effective hair removal method, it is quite time consuming. In most cases, all these hair removal methods are permanent. This part of the study will show you the effectiveness of men’s permanent hair removal as well as the safety of the blend method.

Electrolysis, developed 100 years ago by a physician is one of the proven methods of removing hair permanently.

Before you use the electrolysis method, try and contact clients who had made success with this hair removal method.

Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal method because it permanently destroys the hair follicle. It is used all through the world as a reliable method of permanent hair removal. Due to the safety of this method, it is often recommended by physicians.


Electrolysis as a permanent hair removal for men works by destroying the root. This might seems like an ideal approach but it is not dependable and can as well be costly. Electrolysis will require more time than other methods.

Both electrolysis and thermolysis works well for removing hair. It works on any type of skin and hair color providing a permanent removal of hair for the man. It is very safe and can be applied to anyone. Though electrolysis is claimed to be a permanent solution it is not guaranteed to be perfectly effective.


This method of hair removal is not permanent in every patient, but is very effective in most cases with only a few sessions. Laser performs a multiple function of permanently removing hair and rejuvenating the skin. Laser has the ability to offer treatment to large areas at the same time. It is important that you use the service of a professional and experienced cosmetic surgeon for your laser hair removal method. Also, make sure you choose a clinic with well-trained professionals and medical or aesthetic laser machines instead of cosmetic laser.

There are varieties of choices to make when it comes to permanent and semi-permanent hair removal methods. Laser hair removal method is a very simple and easy procedure for a permanent solution to issues of unwanted hair growth.

What laser will do for you is reduce your hair amount and in the majority of cases result to a permanent removal of hair. The truth about laser is that there is no form of it that is more effective and could permanently remove hair. Laser hair removal method is a cost effective way through which you can reduce your hair. Our permanent hair removal procedure is through the help of a beam which passes through the surface of the skin. The supplemental laser hair removal treatment is capable of providing permanent removal of finer, shallowly rooted hair.


In short, permanent hair removal treatment is capable of making every area of the body hair-free within an hour. There is always a form of sensation accompanied with permanent hair removal.
Though it is possible to have a stable permanent hair removal, it will require multiple treatment sessions. So, any permanent hair removal treatment can only be capable of affecting 30% to 40% of your follicle. It is required of the patient to go through three treatment sessions for close to six week intervals to achieve a better as well as long term result.


Though the goal of the therapy is to permanently remove your hair, some patients may even experience situation of their hair growing back in a finer and lighter form. Don’t hesitate to discuss your issue with doctor, especially if you had a previous negative hair removal experience.
Experts often say, what most people call “permanent hair removal for man (or a woman)”, is more synonymous to “hair reduction”.


Just as we mentioned earlier about how removal of body hair has shifted bases from becoming only a female concern to the males. However, in recent times most men are now much interested in using the laser hair removal.

Initially, male hair removal was mostly done for sporting purpose, but in recent times men are now considering hair removal for other reasons such as cosmetic and health. Men who have once decided to live with excessive body hair are now changing their mind.

Currently, in the some parts of the world laser hair removal is the only licensed method of permanent hair reduction (in opposition to permanent hair removal). This can be a downside for women because what they desire is a completely smooth skin. Typically, an average man is only seeking for a permanent reduction in their body hair rather than a complete removal. This is obviously true for men who only want to treat their back, chest, arms and stomach.

Laser hair removal method is said to work perfectly on patients with dark and pale skin. This is true for both men and women. People who have skin types 1 and 11 are known to get the perfect results. Modern machines are needed to treat grey or very blond hair. Women often focus their treatments on armpits, bikini lines and lower legs. For men, it is on the back, chest and stomach. Due to the fact that this area treated for men is much larger than women, makes it more expensive and the sessions may take a bit longer.

Men have a higher testosterone level which helps to stimulate additional growth of hair. This implies that they will require more treatment sessions than the men. Of course, more expense and time. However, men often gain additional benefit when compared to women. Shaving and waxing a large body part can lead to numerous numbers of infected hair follicle and even extensive shaving rashes. It doesn’t stop here, it is costly and time consuming to continuously repeat shaving and waxing. It is also less painful.

Laser hair removal permanently removes infected and inflamed hair follicle problems which are both scary and painful. It can also reduce the times a man uses the service of the hairdresser as lasering the hair neck decreases the frequency of going for a haircut. When considering the cost of laser hair removal method, always keep in mind the long term cost of waxing as well.
Though laser might be initially expensive, both the fact is the ongoing expense of waxing is more than laser hair removal in the long run.

For men who want to go for the laser hair removal, it is advisable to seek the professional advice of a qualified aesthetic laser therapist. They will be able to guide you on the perfect type of laser treatment for you as well as the number of sections to be needed for its overall success. This information will give them the chance to offer you an estimate of the overall cost of treatment.


Nowadays, men are not just getting the laser hair removal. In fact, there have been an increasing number of men having other cosmetic procedures such as dermal filters, botox, ultherapy and coolsculpting. Overall, men are now paying apt attention on their look and are becoming more used to cosmetic treatments to take care of themselves.

Traditionally, it is only on rare occasions to find a guy seeking for solution of getting rid of their chest hair through the laser hair removal.

Now guys are going for laser treatment option for removal of the unwanted hair on any part of their body. Some even decide to get rid of every hair in their body which with the perfect machine can be done in less than an hour.

Compared to waxing, electrolysis and depilatory creams, there is little or no pain experienced with the newest laser machines. They are the only way to remove unwanted hair permanently.


One of the newest and hottest trends is the laser hair removal style on men’s beard. Most men now use the laser hair removal to permanently remove any form of stray hairs present on their face so they can maintain a thin and neatly trimmed beard. The laser has ended the era of difficulty in shaving some certain areas of the face to keep the beard nicely shaped and groomed. It can also treat the issue of ingrown hairs.


The ‘Boyzilian’ represents the male version of the well-known female ‘Brazilian’, involving the removal of every hair in the genital region. The advantage of glooming the hair down to men includes an improvement in odor, hygiene and ingrown air because a body containing sweat increases bacteria growth. Not to mention of a better result when compared to shaving without itching.


Let’s face it. Nobody loves to see excessive hair growing in between their eyebrows. Removing the dreaded ‘uni-brow’ is not just time consuming but also comes with pains. Laser hair removal is now an excellent option for men who want to permanently remove their uni-brows. Just 2 to 3 treatments should be enough to start noticing a significant reduction in hair between men’s eyebrow. It does come with much pain unlike waxing or tweezing. Most men now care about their eyebrow shape and the best way to remove unwanted hair from it is through laser.


Men are now coming to realization that underarms with no hair don’t just look better but also comfortable than the ones filled with hair. With the laser hair removal, the days of shaving the underarms are just over and there won’t be any stress of stinging and itching that accompanies too much of shaving. Laser hair removal of the underarms for men will help you reduce sweats and odors hair underarms has cost you. It will be a goodbye to sweat stains!


Hairs present in the knuckles can be difficult to shave or wax. In addition, the stubble that shows up when the hair grows back is weird when it’s noticed. The state-of-the-art laser machines are accompanied with small tips perfect for areas of precise hair removal like the knuckles. This makes it easy with less pain.


Currently, price of the laser treatment depends on some factors. Removing hair from small body areas like bikini or underwear has a cheaper cost per session. Of course, larger areas will cost more. Laser treatment in places like legs will cost more per session as the therapist will need to spend more time on those.
Now, for men laser hair removal may be in multiple sessions, we recommend 6 to 12 sessions at least.


This question has caused lots of arguments. A school of thought once said that using these products at home is not the best of idea if you cannot handle them professionally. Home machines may be cheaper but work in fewer skin types and take a lot longer, the best option is to visit a qualified medical or aesthetic laser clinic. It may also be dangerous to certain types of skin so modern machines are needed if you want to remove light coloured hair or if you have darker skin.
There are numerous clinics and laser hair removal products for men, the price and convenience should not be the only factor to consider. It is much advisable to visit our west London laser clinic for your perfect hair removal process.


You will need to make sure your unwanted hair is shaved before applying the laser. The best time to shave is between 24 – 48 hours before your treatment. Do not wax before the laser. The laser hair removal treatment needs to work on the hair follicle, therefore shaving keeps the hair closer to the surface, while waxing removes the hair follicle leaving nothing for the laser to destroy.


Not all laser hair removal machines are created equal. To ensure your hair is removed with fewer sessions – 6 to 12 treatments – and that your money is well spent we recommend you go for a medical or aesthetic laser clinic. Well-trained laser professionals will be able to adjust the laser intensity, customising the treatment to your specific hair removal needs.

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