• The MP Signature Facial

    The MP Signature Facial is specific requirements of each individual clients by hydrating the skin and activated collagen. After cleansing a thorough consultation is carried out by the terapist to… Continue Reading →

  • T-Shape Laser Bodyshaping, Laser Lipo London

    T-SHAPE, THE LASER BODYSHAPING SYSTEM THAT RESHAPES THE BODY AND REVITALIZES THE SKIN OF FACE This laser lipo treatment is new to London and offers different programmes for facial or body treatments depending… Continue Reading →

  • Intraceuticals Clarity

    In just one treatment, your skin will look and feel clarified and calm. Acne affected skin is comforted and visibly refined while oil free nourishers ensure moisture balance is maintained… Continue Reading →

  • Intraceuticals – Atoxelane – Celebrities treatment

    With just one Atoxelene treatment® your expression lines will appear visibly softened. For maximum benefits repeat treatments are recommended weekly for the first six weeks. Expression lines appear smoother, firmer… Continue Reading →

  • Intraceuticals Opulence

      An Opulence treatment is soothing, relaxing and suitable for all skin types. In just one soothing treatment your skin will look younger, brighter, more luminous. Uneven skin tone is… Continue Reading →

  • Rejuvenate – Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facial – Hollywood treatment

    An Intraceuticals Rejuvenate treatment is a non invasive treatment that targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dramatically enhances overall hydration THE INTRACEUTICALS CONCEPT Intraceuticals is a total skincare… Continue Reading →

  • Mesoterapy

      The Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™, provides advanced micro-medical skin-needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin. Dermaroller… Continue Reading →

  • Skin Renewal (Skin Resurfacing), Laser Treatment with MESOTHERM

      Mesotherm uses three different procedures for 3D skin rejuvenation: mechanical thinning (microdermabrasion) of the stratum corneum to stimulate cell renewal; regeneration of the dermis by combining radiofrequency, needling andvacuum to stimulate a potent… Continue Reading →

  • Mini Facial Peel

    A mild facial peel to eliminate dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and to prepare the skin for further treatments

  • Cleansing Treatment

    After cleansing a thorough consultation is carried out by the therapist to assess any skin problems. A product is applied to plump the skin before five minutes of steam to… Continue Reading →

  • Optimum Pureness Treatment

    Designed to focus on regulating overactive oil glands; it reduces excessive sebum secretions, balances an oily complexion, and prevents bacterial infections that cause future breakouts and blemishes. This treatment also… Continue Reading →

  • Lifting and Firming Treatment with Vitamin C

    Prevents skin slackness, shapes face oval. Stimulates collagen and elastin production. Spectacular effect clearly visible after several treatments. The skin is firm and nourished. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant…. Continue Reading →

  • Desensitizing Treatment for Redness

    Treatment for redness Fights efficiently against redness. Refreshes and soothes the skin instantly. Decongests and desensitizes. Reduces pigmentary spots. Re-balances the skin pH. BEAUTY RESULT The complexion is radiant.

  • Relaxing Facial Treatment

    Pure relaxation, this soothing massage helps to ease out tension in the shoulders and face and helps relieve mental stress. The massage movements also stimulate blood circulation in the face… Continue Reading →

  • Sensitive Treatment with Concentrate & Mask

    This smoothing treatment is designed to reduce redness, irritations and restore moisture to dry, sensitive and allergy prone skin. Leaving your skin feeling calm relaxed and balanced.

  • Treatment of Oily and Acne-Prone Skin Pure-Biotic Treatment

    A complete “global” and “zonal” treatment method.

  • Neoderma Natural Herbal peeling

    This treatment helps balance oily skin, reduce acne, acne rosacea, dilated pores, hyper pigmentation and age spots.

  • Electrolysis

    New Epidermis method electro-depilation is the most efficient and permanent method of removing unwanted hair. It is suitable for many areas of the face and body. Disposable sterilized needles are… Continue Reading →

  • Spider Thread Vein treatment – On Face

      Thread veins also known as spider or broken veins are usually very near the surface of  the skin. Thread veins  are not regarded as a serious medical problem but… Continue Reading →

  • Skintag Removal

    Skin tags are small skin growths which can be pigmented and found all over the body i.e. neck, eyelid, underarm, waistline, bikini or breast area. They are harmless but can… Continue Reading →

  • Milia / Whiteheads, Warts Removal

    The Apiderme is a precision correction system which uses micro-electrocautery. It can be used for treating tiny thread veins, spider naevi, telangiectasia, cherry haemangiomas, cambell de morgan spots  as well… Continue Reading →

  • Wrapping

    The body is covered with La Sultane de Saba salt and mineral scrub,folowed with Shea butter and oil whose has draining, relaxing, tonifing or strengthening virtues. Wrapped in a film… Continue Reading →

  • RF (Radio Frequency) non surgicalface lift / Body Sculpture

    Facelift treatment uses unipolar and bipolar or tripolar radio frequency modalities to heat our subcutaneous dermal tissue using various hand pieces emitting RF waves. This technology causes the contraction of… Continue Reading →

  • Les Soins

    Hammam The Hammam is a water steam bath where heat and intense dampness are combined. It enables the body to get rid of toxins by making the skin relaxed and… Continue Reading →

  • Gamme Voyage Dans les îles

    Fleur de Tiaréet Aloé Vera. Polynesian vahine, inspired by the abundance and generosity of their natural surroundings, have a taste for beauty and adornment that holds a touch of paradise…. Continue Reading →

  • Gamme Voyage Balinais

    Lotus and Frangipani Flowers In Bali, the beauty rituals stem for the natural luxurious island surroundings. The powerfully scented lotus and frangipani flowers, which are locally cultivated have been the… Continue Reading →

  • Gamme Voyage Japonais au Neroli

    Japanese Voyage Oil. Thanks to the relaxing fragrance of neroli, this gentle, subtle body oil restructures the skin and provides the level of moisturisation it needs to look and feel… Continue Reading →