• Wrapping

    The body is covered with La Sultane de Saba salt and mineral scrub,folowed with Shea butter and oil whose has draining, relaxing, tonifing or strengthening virtues. Wrapped in a film… Continue Reading →

  • RF (Radio Frequency) non surgicalface lift / Body Sculpture

    Facelift treatment uses unipolar and bipolar or tripolar radio frequency modalities to heat our subcutaneous dermal tissue using various hand pieces emitting RF waves. This technology causes the contraction of… Continue Reading →

  • Les Soins

    Hammam The Hammam is a water steam bath where heat and intense dampness are combined. It enables the body to get rid of toxins by making the skin relaxed and… Continue Reading →

  • Gamme Voyage Dans les îles

    Fleur de Tiaréet Aloé Vera. Polynesian vahine, inspired by the abundance and generosity of their natural surroundings, have a taste for beauty and adornment that holds a touch of paradise…. Continue Reading →

  • Gamme Voyage Balinais

    Lotus and Frangipani Flowers In Bali, the beauty rituals stem for the natural luxurious island surroundings. The powerfully scented lotus and frangipani flowers, which are locally cultivated have been the… Continue Reading →

  • Gamme Voyage Japonais au Neroli

    Japanese Voyage Oil. Thanks to the relaxing fragrance of neroli, this gentle, subtle body oil restructures the skin and provides the level of moisturisation it needs to look and feel… Continue Reading →